Of all the games found in land-based and online casinos, slot machines are the most ideal ones to play because of its simplicity and greater chance of winning. It is a two-in-one device that provides thrill and easy money. Playing in a slot machine does not require any betting skill or superior knowledge about it. A bettor only needs to follow these 5-pro tips below to get a sure win, to save his pockets from financial blackhole, and to spare thyself from trial-and-error because of unfamiliarity.

Tip #1: Budgeting and Monitoring the Pocket Money

            The first requirement a person must do when betting is to budget the amount of money to be spent in the whole course of the game. This is to ensure that the betting habit is always under control and the outflow of money is always monitored. It also encourages the bettor to think and strategize where and when to wage the money with reasonable return.

Tip #2: Proper Selection of Slot Machine

            Each slot machine is not designed the same. It differs depending on the game operator’s target revenue and  market niche. The most essential criteria in selecting a slot machine is its return to player (RTP) value and house edge. These two are closely related to each other. RTP refers to the theoretical winnings a player could make over the betting time, whereas house edge refers to the advantage of the house to win the bet. So, always choose the betting machines with RTPs that are higher than 96%. A good rule of thumb to remember, always place your bets on slots machines wherein its jackpot prize has not won yet. It will give you the edge.

Tip #3: Study  the Gaming Mechanisms

            The winning combinations of pokies are always guided by paylines or the sequencing alignment of symbols. These combinations is summarized in the pay tables which shows the corresponding prize for each combo and the value of each symbol. These prizes also called jackpots can be further classified as local, network, fixed, and progressive.

  • Local jackpots are pooled prizes initiated by players from their bets.
  • Network jackpots are pooled winnings made out of betting from different casinos.
  • Fixed or cash jackpots are prizes uninfluenced by the bets of the players.
  • Progressive jackpots are mega prizes which continually grow out from the different networks of casinos and bets of each player until it is won.

If a bettor is content with small wins, the first three aforementioned prizes are suitable. But, if the bettor is after the life-changing prize, which is really the hardest to win, progressive jackpot is the best choice.     

Tip #4: Seize the Free Games

The most efficient way to practice betting is to seize the available free games wherein the house of game grants a startup money to new players. Take the chance to apply all your knowledge about the game and study the gaming mechanisms without spending a single penny. The disadvantage of this is that it will lure you to wage more eventually before you can withdraw all your winnings. So, it is better to read the terms and conditions about the  game’s deposits and withdrawal options, especially the online ones to avoid being scammed by fake online betting sites.

Yes, it’s impossible to beat the odds. But in Jili slot, it is not.