Understanding How Online Casino Free Spins Work

There is a saying which goes, “The best things in life are free.”  This can also be applied to online casinos. In order to win real money, they offer exciting bonuses and freebies. One of the popular bonuses players can avail of is online casino free spins. These bonuses allow you to sit back and enjoy watching your winnings roll without spending any of your money. Let us take a look at how free spins work.

How Free Spins Work 

Most free spin features are simple to understand. On poker games that offer free spin games, online casino free spins are tied to a certain set of symbols. Hitting those symbols on an active payline will entitle you to several free spins. They work like a regular spin. Depending on the machine you are playing, you might get a variable number of spins. It is also likely that your winnings during the free spins game will feature a multiplier on your winnings.


In some games, free spins are part of a larger bonus round. In these cases, they may just be one of several different prizes you can win in special features. At other times, the number of spins and/or the size of your multiplier based on how well the bonus game goes. There are also other games that will offer different types of free spins features.

Variations on Free Spins Features

Free spins at Slot888 can be combined with other features and there a lot of variations on the standard free spins format. It could happen on an entirely different set of reels, bring new symbols into the game, or allow access to even more bonus features that is not accessible in the main game.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Spins

Free spins are popular because of their simplicity. They do not require complex strategies or how to play special mini-games. You can just enjoy watching the spins play themselves and then collect your rewards after the game.

But if there is one disadvantage of free spins, it is the fact that they do not guarantee wins. Sometimes the prize is much smaller than any other bonus features. They can also award some massive prizes if you are lucky enough to have to just one or two perfect spins.

Different games have different features but the free spin is one that you can find on almost any poker machine you play. If you want to try your luck on some free spin yourself, you can just visit any online casino.